• The Mullaperiyar Dam, situated in the Southern Indian state of Kerala, has been a bone of contention between the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu for many years now. The lease agreement between the two states regarding the dam, which dates back to 1886, is set to expire soon, and both states are now engaged in negotiations for its renewal.

    The Mullaperiyar Dam, which is built across the Periyar River, plays a crucial role in providing water for the irrigation and drinking purposes of Tamil Nadu. Although the dam is located in Kerala, it is operated and maintained by Tamil Nadu. Kerala has been voicing its concerns for many years that the dam is old and unstable, and poses a risk to the people living downstream of the dam.

    The lease agreement between the two states, which allows Tamil Nadu to operate and maintain the dam, is set to expire in February 2022. Both states have started negotiations for the renewal of the lease agreement. Kerala has demanded that the agreement be renewed only if Tamil Nadu agrees to reduce the water level in the dam from the current level of 142 feet to 136 feet.

    Kerala`s demand has been opposed by Tamil Nadu, which has argued that lowering the water level would adversely affect its irrigation and drinking water needs. Tamil Nadu has also cited a report of the Central Water Commission, which has stated that the dam is safe and can withstand the test of time.

    The Mullaperiyar Dam issue has been a cause for concern for both states, as any disruption in the water flow from the dam could have serious consequences for the people living downstream. The issue has been the subject of many court hearings, but a final resolution is yet to be reached.

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